Story Synopsis

The orphan poet

The wandering hustler

The warrior “straight” guy

The martyred artist

The magician daddy

Five men hit the foggy San Francisco streets, cruising for sex. What they find instead are their own impediments to love. From sunset to sunrise they search for connection, for understanding, for something outside of themselves – for that elusive beautiful something.

BRIAN needs to give his love away.
JIM doesn’t know how to receive love.
DREW holds love to an ideal it cannot reach.
CHRIS is afraid to accept the love he wants.
BOB wishes he hadn’t let it pass him by.

We search love. We settle for lust. Sometimes, we get lost along the way. Sometimes, we find our way home.

A lot can happen after dark.

BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING is an honest, poignant, funny and very sexy night-in-the-life of five gay men who search the streets, bars and alleys of San Francisco for something to fill the empty holes inside themselves. Instead they each come face to face with their own reflections, their own projections, their own ineffable, inescapable selves.
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